September Thoughts

September 3, 2014

What is Love?

Love is to wait in line with them to ride the bus. It’s to sleep simultaneously during a Skype video call. It’s to tell them the importance of an umbrella throughout the year. It’s to ask, “Kumain ka na ba?”

What is Love?

It’s to wake up early so you can sit comfortably in the bus. It’s to have video calls with loved ones: family, friends and lovers. It’s to bring an umbrella throughout the year. It’s to make sure, “Kumain ka na nga.”

September 12, 2014

It’s surprising how certain things can change in a moment; how a color and simple neck movements trigger interest. I sit there so I couldn’t be noticed. But I actually sit there to get another view of that back. To have a different recollection of those angles. The decision gave me a view of differently better angles. You were wearing a greyish green shirt with distinct sweat marks. Maybe you ran to get there. You stretch your arm revealing contours I’ve come to like. You could be hoping to hit something you shouldn’t. Maybe I was hoping you’d hit something you shouldn’t.

September 17, 2014

Does she know he looks at her with those eyes that are asking a multitude of questions? “Of why the world stops when she smiles?" Or of why he drives him a little crazy with her flawless chocolate brown complexion? Mr. CS and high-school-uniform wearing hottie’s love story is happening before my eyes but not a word is uttered. I should ask…


Kape Pa

Meron tayong tao na madalas isipin. Sabi ng kuya ko, lagi daw niyang iniisip. Yung taong lagi nating iniisip sa umaga habang nagkakape. Yung gumigising sa puso natin sa umaga. Hindi kailangan na kasama mo siya. Hindi kailangan na andyan siya sa tabi mo. Kasi para siyang ad sa isang website: pop out na lang ng pop out. Kahit ayaw mo dahil may dala siyang malware pag na-click mo. Dahil hindi mo makita yung dapat sana gagawin mo. Pero kung minsan hindi mo talaga pwede mapanood yung gusto mo kasi naka-activate ang ad block plus. Yung hindi ka makapagpatuloy sa gusto mo kaya kahit mag-pop out pa siya, hahayaan mo na lang….


Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams discussed catcalling on last night’s Daily Show. Click here to watch.

What I always think when my parents tell me they got together when they were 23… and had my oldest sister when they were 24.

What I always think when my parents tell me they got together when they were 23… and had my oldest sister when they were 24.

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Yes it’s your wall and it’s been done by many: insatiably needing to look like the victim. Oh right, I forgot it’s your wall and idiots can have facebook accounts.

Thoughts During the Last Week of August


I keep looking for that familiar face amongst the 4 pm AS steps occupants with tired throats and fewer numbers. Keep listening to voices that could somehow be yours. I miss you. And am apologetic for maybe you think I’m “just another hipster” but the hesitation and withdrawal is not against the struggle but of the lack of recognition of facets of my identity; the undermining by the strongest members causing a conflict of interest and reiteration of supposed insufficiency.


People watching as a requirement feels like being forced to watch a movie that isn’t worth it. At all.


I say this a lot but body language reveals so much about someone regardless of what image they want to portray. The need to seem buo when the stares, the lip bite, and the arm stretching on the chair of a Japanese man screams desire - durog.